Winter Doodles: Toadies

In the Autumn I collected a few photos of toadstools on my walks. As I was playing around with scraps of fabric and bits and bobs in my studio I started to play about with stitching from the bits and bobs in my scrap basket and toadies started to emerge. They are lovely tactile things […]

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While travelling on the tube to my ‘alchemy’ class with Ross Belton (learning how to colour with natural dyes) I became intrigued with the description of the layers of skin that enable Cephalapods to change colour in an instant. I have been experimenting with creating dynamic patterns of colour using reflection and LED ‘beads’ (almost

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Colour Notes

Colour Notes was an unexpected challenge to my practice. I have taken for granted that colour is important to me. I had never looked into how or why. My colour diary was an interesting part of the process. Although it was no surprise to me that I like colour, it was the fact that its

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Sea Urchins

Sea Urchins have fascinated me for a long time – their texture, colour and fragility are irresistible, and drawing them is very satisfying. The first sea urchin creations began with a Studio 21 challenge to make a ‘drawing’ and an octopus I was making for my children’s Stitchclubs. I scanned and printed the collage onto

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Colour Diary

Colour has always been one of my most important things and I have found the largely monochrome past couple of Studio 21 exhibitions challenging for their lack of it. So at first I was very happy with the new theme, but as I started to question my use of colour I realised it was not

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