A mixed media artist

who creates sculptures, drawings and collages

usually by manipulating and stitching contrasting materials

The tactile act of construction informs all my pieces: the process of stitching into a variety of media and of combining contrasting textures is key to my work and my wellbeing.

My work is inspired by the fascinating diversity, beauty and quirkiness of the World, particularly the colour, movement and incredible shapes found in the fragile gardens of the seas. I hope it makes you smile.

My visual environment is a vital part of my practice, I have a compulsion to collect, combine and stitch into materials as diverse as rusty bolts and sumptuous silks – especially when they have been discarded as ‘rubbish’. All of my work is informed by drawing, often supported by reading.

Recently I have begun experimenting with metal and the physical act of shaping and forming steel is inspiring new process and work. The challenge of working with such solid media is challenging me to think about my process differently.


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