Banksia Pods

Banksia plants intrigue me, they are beautiful, quirky and familiar. The contrasting textures and shapes are just beautiful. When the flowers drop off and the pods grow with a woody structure which often includes velvety soft elements. The contrasting textures are wonderful. Working with metal and fibres I am now able to create pieces which […]

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The changes we are making to our planet are well documented, but when you witness the effects in person, and really look, the complexity of our impact is clear. It provokes a contradictory reaction: admiration of the tenacity of nature alongside fury at our inability to do anything substantial. My stay in Lake Nagambie is

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I don’t know a better way to spend a birthday weekend ! !Thank you London Sculpture Workshop and Silvina Soria. and now Mujigea has a new appropriately weedy home. :0)

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Today I should have been at Yorkshire Sculpture Park learning more about working with metal using hot and cold techniques. This course last year was the highlight of 2019. Over 5 days I experimented with cutting, shaping and welding steel. There was complete freedom under expert supervision and mentoring of Brian and George Fell and

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