Armoured Urchin

Sea Urchins and Sea Dragons regularly feature in my work where I explore their shape, movement and susceptibility to environmental change using recycled and waste materials. When I was a child I witnessed the dramatic effect on a small area of headland when humans stripped it of urchins for food. This memory helped shape the […]

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Dragon Egg

This piece responds to a myth that sea urchins were revered as dragon eggs. As someone who loves sea dragons and urchins the resulting image needed exploring and a regal ‘yolk’ with a baby dragon embryo floating and growing inside a rough shell emerged. It is presented inside out so that the beauty of the

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Little Urchin Pods

  I love sea urchin shells: each has such individual and beautiful textured markings. Drawing them has always been a pleasure as there is so much detail in each one. It was inevitable that I would start stitching them when I read that it was once believed that sea urchin shells were dragon eggs. These

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Mother Urchin

£250 Mother Urchin was the piece where I developed the technique of using embroidery to alter flimsy fabric to create sturdy forms. The base fabric is an abstract collage printed onto cotton and lined with indigo-dyed cotton bump. It is then stitched by machine and hand and embellished with press studs (snap fasteners / poppers).

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