Neo is an experiment in using e-textiles techniques for reflective colour. It cycles through the rainbow, or you can select a colour for it to display. I am fascinated by the fact that the colour sensor is able to ‘see’ and interpret a colour digitally and tell the LEDs precisely the colour to display. The shell is constructed from reflective fabric, felted wool, embellished with felt scraps and press studs. It uses a Lilypad Arduino and a ring of RGB LEDs.

Neo was created in response to a Studio 21 group exhibition where we were challenged to consider the significance of colour in our lives and work. It was far more challenging than anticipated. I knew that colour but had not really consider why or what colour, so I kept a colour journal. In it I monitored the colours around me over a 6 month period, which also included a trip ‘home’ to Melbourne.

The conclusion was not really a surprise: almost all colours attract me – depending where they are and what they are juxtaposed with. Mostly I realised that where earth colours make me feel grounded, a spectrum of colour lifts my mood. Colour made by light, like stain glass windows or reflected coloured lights feels magical. Neo embodies reflecting coloured light and Mujigea and Jigu combine a rainbow with earth colours.

Neo travelled with the Colour Notes Exhibition to London, Dublin, Harrogate, Cumbria and Dorset.

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