Brook Wyrm

Commissioned for Brook’s, the Brook Wyrm was a labour of love. Brook’s is Pinner’s new book shop, cafe and wine bar. Three of my favourite things in one place and run by one of my favourite families, an inspiring starting point for a project.

I like to imagine the Brook Wyrm browsing the book shelves and drinking coffee or sipping a glass of pinot when the doors are closed and the lights are off.

The brief was simple as the shop was at the design stage when we began. We had a colour scheme and measurements for the shelves, as well as a few discussions about the things we enjoy.

The body is made from discs hand cut from an old and damaged ‘medical dictionary’. Fascinating to read while drawing, cutting and stitching each circle. Each disc is then wound onto a recycled spiral book binder. The head and limbs are constructed organically from linen, then stitched and embellished with various threads.

Finally the Brook Wyrm rests on a pile of old books while reading a dictionary of quotations, appropriately focussing on a quote from Shakespeare’s As You Like It.

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