Banksia Pods

This collection has evolved from drawings made of banksia seed pods and plants. These steel and fabric pieces are not a literal representation of the pods, but an evolution following years of drawing and making.

Banksia intrigue me and compel me to explore their individual forms: the way that the pods grow and open within the stronger woody structure which often includes velvety soft elements. Each pod is unique. Contrasting texture, form and function inspire me. My mother and I shared a love of these plants: each stage of their development and the variety of forms the genus takes. As well as the person I miss, they also represent the place that I miss in a way I have only just become aware of. The use of steel as central to these forms is also very personal and something I am not yet able to articulate clearly.

The creation of these pieces has been very personal as a result they have struck a chord with others and been received with interest.

Each pod is individually created from steel: cut and formed before being stitched and welded. They are then embellished with various materials including recycled faux fur, plastic beach rubbish, recycled fibres, and the odd thread from my old ‘stash’: whatever seems appropriate for each, informed by my drawings.

They are then stitched together, held at their core by book binding sprials, collected as the backbones of many of my sculptures.

The selection of media reflects my lifelong consideration of the effects of my choices on the environment. It is now more informed and accepted than in the 80s when I initially developed my concerns.

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