Constructed from fused plastic bags, velvet scraps, vegetable plastic string bags and fishing line foraged on a beach. His home is a coil created from scraps of steel secured to a piece of drift wood.

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Mujigea and Jigu

    Mujigea is Korean for Rainbow and Jigu is Korean for Earth. This dragon and her eggs swim within a steel kelp garden. The dragon is made from waste bits from a project at West Lodge Primary school, cut and stitched. Her face is a scrap of bright fabric covered in french knots, buttons

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I don’t know a better way to spend a birthday weekend ! !Thank you London Sculpture Workshop and Silvina Soria. and now Mujigea has a new appropriately weedy home. :0)

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Weedy is constructed from plastic bags which contained stuffing used in my Stitch Clubs. Her form comes from drawing sea dragons. She hangs over a wooden rest fixed to a wall. Some weeks we have so many empty bags, it was time to do something with them. Fused into a new fabric and cut and

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Nance is made from a page from an old AA map book. She is guarding a golden egg laid on a velvet map embroidered with a section of the Thames meandering through London. Her body is made from hand cut discs from a map page each machine stitched and wound onto a spiral bound backbone.

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