Outrageous @ The Cow Byre with Okra Textile Artists, October 2012

Outrageous (-jus) a.
Immoderate; extravagant; extraordinary; exaggerated; improbable; silly; bold; unusual; shocking:

The outrageous issues explored by Okra textile Artists in this exhibition are as diverse as the media used to express them. The result is a contemporary body of work using a variety of stitched textile techniques.

Debbie Goddard takes her snowflakes acid. Lynne Truex explores the dichotomy of the madam hidden behind the gentility of the Edwardian lady. Trish Vickers highlights the ‘unmentionable’ people in our society – and has fun with what might be on the inside of your average soft toy. Sam Harvey reminds us that our fishing practices capture more than the food which makes it to our plates. Helen Colling highlights the past travesties against humanity with her haunted images of Oradour sur Glane. The extravagant court fashions of the 17th century are Judy Drysdale’s inspiration. Naomi Beevers creates her pieces from discarded items: highlighting the contradictions of consumerism – the compulsion to hoard and the waste discarded – thus questioning whether these acts in themselves are the outrage or whether is it more outrageous that we don’t try to understand the motivations behind them.

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