Sam is an Australian artist living and working in London, England. She creates mixed media sculptures and drawings, usually incorporating stitch. Inspiration is found through looking and drawing and from the variety of materials she collects.

Each unique creature evolves through the tactile process of combining materials with contrasting textures and origins. A piece may start with drawings and imagination but as stitches are added the individual personality of each emerges.

“My visual environment is a vital part of my practice, I have a compulsion to collect, combine and stitch into materials as diverse as rusty bolts and sumptuous silks – especially when they have been discarded as ‘rubbish’.

The bold colour, shape and texture of banksia and gum blossom from my childhood home in Melbourne, Australia are apparent in many of my pieces. Diving introduced me to a more diverse, quirky beauty. And, although less exotic, my current home of urban London is full of natural and man-made inspiration, as well as bits and pieces to incorporate into my work.

Another important influence on my work is the children and young people I work with in Stitch Clubs and workshops. Their colours, textures as well as their frequently bonkers and always ambitious ideas give my practice a crucial vitality.”